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Almitra, a Clairvoyant since birth, a visionary with the gift of clear seeing and hands-on healing, is devoted to the empowerment of each individual spirit. Her work involves sacred geomancy and working with the inner core of the earth mother. She has taught gem and crystal classes, including the uses and properties of stones. Involved in the healing arts since the age of 12, when she discovered the electrical magnetic energy that travels through her hands, she brings healing to ailments of many varieties. She has had tremendous success once she added using crystal and gems to the hands-on healing process. She began her training in her early 20's with Native American and Hawaiian Shamans. She lived in Hawaii many years and worked closely with Pele the Volcano Goddess. Currently she resides close to Mountain Baker in the Pacific Northwest. She feels Spirit puts her where she can be of most service. For Almitra, her work is with the Earth Mother and humanity, bringing awareness of the acceleration now occuring within each of us that is reflecting to the earth. As humans we are linked to the destiny of this planet. Empowering individuals to find peace within themselves will bring peace to the entire universe.
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