A Crystal Journey
Excerpt 1, from page 5

Chapter Two

The Journey Home

How does one go about finding something they have only seen in their mind, not knowing if or where, in fact, it exists?

The large crystal first appeared to me in a vision while I was living on Kauai. The vision was very clear and contained a lot of details that helped me to understand the importance of the mission I had been given. The vision was a very strong one, and it continued to appear to me over a two-year period. Finally, it was obvious that I had to complete the vision and go in search of the crystal that, for some reason, had called upon me to find it.

I tend to be the kind of person who holds a great deal of dedication for something that is given to me from a vision or a request from higher guidance. After receiving this vision and the amount of energy that seemed to follow it over a two-year period, I became very compelled to find the crystal and complete the task. I would like to share the vision with you in detail, and how it first appeared to me in my third eye. I will do my best to bring you into the moment of when it first arrived. Its clarity and detail were incredible. I have been given visions all my life. As far back as I can remember, I have been able to see things on another level. It has taken me years to understand this level, and only just recently have I felt that the world is ready to receive and understand people like myself, and the gift of visions.

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