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I have been using and creating aromatherapy products for over 20 years, teaching and sharing with individuals about the gifts the sense of smell brings. During this time I have come up with some wonderful lotions and oils that truly work in certain areas for skin care. At this time I am focusing on just a few items as I find they do an amazing job in the area of healing the skin.
Hand & Body Lotion
This lotion is excellent for skin problems, rashes, dry flakey skin, etc. Used daily and after baths, will restore and rejuvenate your skin. Use for individuals confined to bed to prevent bed sores. Elderly skin care. Great for the feet. Chapped hands.
Hand & Body Lotion
Rose is uplifting and will help those feeling blue. Queen of the essences. When wearing attracts positive energy. This lotion will restore elasticity to the skin and give one luxurious, soft and silky skin.
Aromatherapy Spray
Energize your environment, eliminate the cold virus and odors. Uplifting, gives the "Ah-ha" feeling. Use on furniture, linens, in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Safe for pets, your dog will love it. Keep away from the eyes. Non-aerosol, safe for you and your love ones. Great for caregivers and house cleaners. Made of 4 essences. This is one of my favorites!
Spritzer Spray
Rose essence in a spring water, great for uplifting when you're out and about and you want to smell good. Lightly spray onto your face for a refreshing pick me up.
Butt Butter
This product came forth thru my care giving work. Having a need for a product to protect the skin for clients that wear protective underwear. Apply the butt butter after changing and put freely on buttocks, especially for overnight periods. This will help to prevent bed sores and rashes. Butt butter is designed with seniors and babies in mind.
All my products are hand-made fresh, as they are ordered by myself. I guarantee you satisfaction. I am open to hear your feedback ~ Please let me what your experience was ~ Enjoy!
Mahalo (great thanks)!

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