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Almitra began working with the healing arts at the age of 12 years old, with hands-on healing. It all began for her at a bible study and prayer circle when a woman with a sprained ankle asked for healing for her ankle. Almitra responded immediately and went over to her and sat down on the floor and placed both hanks on her ankle and began silently praying for her. It was then discovered that she had the gift of healing and that her hands generated heat and this heat generates healing.

Over the years this healing practice has expanded. In 1974 she studied massage in Bellingham Washington. In 1979 she relocated to Kauai and practiced massage. It was on Kauai that she was given her first crystal and there she incorporated crystal healing with massage. She has over the years studied with a native American shaman and Serge King, learning several healing techniques. These include Touch for Health, Reike, Reflexology, and Toning (the use of sounds to center one's frequency and chakra system of the body). Toning also clears and balances one's being on all levels, physically, mentally, spiritually. It is a good tool for an over-all clearing of the system.

Almitra is available at Wise Awakening in Bellingham Washington two Mondays a month for in-person consultations by appointment. Please call the store at (360)756-8075.

All healing is truly only possible thru the power of the creator, and with the grace of his only son Jesus. However I do believe in the words of our Beloved Jesus: "Ye shall do greater works than I." It is with little or great faith that we must trust and believe in what gifts we are given to offer. I have been given the gift of healing and I offer it humbly in the following services:

Gem Therapy/Crystal Healing

Long distance healing
It was on Kauai that I was given my first crystal and there I incorporated crystal healing with massage. The art of Gem Therapy is an ancient form of healing. Each gem holds within it a specific vibrational frequency that accesses a particular level of healing essence. Quartz is the most abundant gem found within the earth mother. It is invaluable when used for healing the individual. Our bodies are close to the structure of clear quartz. At this time on the planet, humanity is experiencing a renewal and regeneration of their DNA. Our light bodies are experiencing a rebirth. Crystals are unbelievable in assisting us to be our true "Soul Light Emerged". Crystal healing is beyond anything you've experienced and will take you to a new level of self-awareness and empowerment.

Crystal Healing Layouts
Emotional - Physical- Removes Blocks - Clears Auras - Balances Chakras

Stress Free- Relaxing -Non-threatening -Gentle -Long-distance healing

Gem therapy/crystal healing will assist you in removing limitations on any level, physical or spiritual. The divine healer is within your being. The stones are here to serve you in re-awaking to your full potential. A Gem layout will be a stepping off place for you. The decision is ultimately yours. The first step is to recognize what you are creating in your life. The second step is to desire a change, the third step is to make that change.

Step into the twenty-first century technology and experience the Bio Bed healing of amethyst crystals, penetrating heat from infrared rays and negative ion therapy. Gem therapy sessions are given on the Bio Bed and assist to the overall healing sessions. Now is the time to awaken and reprogram your "junk" DNA, to bring in the new consciousness coming to the earth being brought through the Crystal Guardians.

Sessions with Almitra are by appointment only. All work is on a love offering basis, as it is impossible to put a price on something that is priceless.

Clairvoyant Readings
Born a clairvoyant Almitra has the gift of clear seeing. In 1983 she published the Words of Power Card (words that speak to your soul). This deck is a tool to assist in achieving clarity on a current life situation. Readings are available with her cards. A reading is a direct connection into your higher self insight and will guide you to the next step in your life. It will give you the tools you need to accomplish your goals, and make necessary changes with ease. Card readings are available by appointment and offered for $24 with a purchase of a deck of Words of Power Cards. Phone readings are available by appointment also.
Prayer Services
Almitra has been an ordained minister for over 24 years and during that time has performed many marriage ceremonies. Offered her services as a mediator, counseling for families and individuals, and most of all offers prayer services.
At Wise Awakening (Bellingham)
Call early to register: 360-756-8075

On the following days...
  Monday August 2nd
  Monday August 30th
...Almitra will be at Wise Awakening with her Words of Power Cards giving readings. Her readings offer clarity for in-the-moment information. She wrote the deck herself and has a lot of insight she can offer you. The readings are $24 for a full reading or $14 for a mini reading.

Please call Wise Awakening (360)756-8075 to schedule a reading.
Or, for more information, you can email Almitra at victorysunray@comcast.net
Wise Awakening is located at 314 E Holly Street, Bellingham, Wa.

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