A Crystal Journey
by Almitra Zion
A Crystal Journey (book front) A Crystal Journey (book back)
This book is about my personal involvement with crystals and gemstones beginning in 1980. "A Journey Home" (chapter two) is the actual account of the vision and the events following that led me to the discovery to the world's largest single pointed crystal. This chapter tells the story of how I was able to find and bring the crystal to Kauai Hawaii, where it awaits the completion of a hand-carved white granite temple that will be its new home. A Crystal Journey is a true story based on actual experiences, shared to bring an understanding of the reality of the gem and mineral kingdom and the gift it is for humanity.
 Temple Design
Temple Design

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  • Dedication

    This book is dedicated to the manifestation of the Iraivan Temple, home of the EarthKeeper crystal, located at the San Marga Sanctuary on the Island of Kauai. And it is dedicated to those sacred few whose feet on a narrow path of truth walk in dedication to the vision of peace and harmony whose lives I have been blessed to touch via the wondrous mineral kingdom. For each soul devoted to the wisdom and power of their higher self (the universal spirit of God) I walk with you. To these warriors of the light, seekers of the truth, I am devoted.

    In serving the light thee shall be served by the light.

    All My Aloha, Eternally Yours,

    Almitra Sunrise Zion

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